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alternative models

Alternative Models

While many conventional models are used for a lot of promotions and print modeling, there is a quickly growing demand for alternative models. Alternative models are models that are niche focused. They have their own unique style and can work well with tattooed, pin up, vintage, androgynous, emo, goth, fetish, burlesque, or punk genres in promotional, print, television, and runway modeling.

Alternative models are hired for a variety of areas. Models often need to be able to identify with a brand image. It's easy for someone who already identifies with that brand image to promote your product. People who are potential consumers of your brand will trust someone who is interested in the same things as them more than if you hired a conventional model. An alternative model will add a unique look to your trade show or convention booth that can't be matched by conventional models. Alternative models will add an eye catching element to your presentation that is sure to be remembered by trade show and convention goers.

These types of models do not conform to mainstream ideals of beauty but have become more accepted in popular culture and are in higher demand. Often alternative models have piercings, tattoos, or hair that goes against the norm, but they don't have to. Alternative modeling is about being unique or quirky. It's about finding people who have a style that's their own and different from what's out there.

Our alternative models are available to promote niche products, either in person or online. Our alternative models are memorable. They will make your brand stand out and have a style all its own. We are always looking to increase our database with alternative models because they are so unique. Get in touch with the TSM Agency to find an alternative model to meet your needs.